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Starting a new career can be the most challenging and scary process a person can experience. A wild ride of high expectations and the lows of rejection that consist of this process. Having a career coach that sits with you on this wild ride is the greatest step you can take before the ride even starts. Megan is that coach that will sit with you through the ride and help navigate the twists and turns along the way.

She is a pleasure to work with and reaches beyond the basic resume editing. When a last minute interview came up she reviewed the process with me late the night before. For three months we developed an action plan with my career change and she continues providing support. The face time weekly meetings were the foremost greatest asset to the career coaching.

I truly admire her and recommend anyone who is thinking of a career change to reach out to Megan. The best decision I made with my career is having her sit with me on this roller coaster ride. Hands up and screaming for joy! Thank you, Megan!


Megan gets results! She’s a very unique combination: methodical, exacting and extremely engaging. She was instrumental in aligning my career objectives and experience into a succinct story that translated into an effective résumé and social media presence.


Megan was extremely responsive and respectful of my limited availability. She helped me tremendously. She was able to help me focus on my strengths and also she helped point out things I was lacking. Having her outside perspective was very helpful. I would recommend Megan to anyone looking to improve their professional interviewing skills. She helped me get my dream job!


Megan is very proficient at helping others see what needs to be done and then working with them to develop a plan for how to get there, whether within a defined role, in transitioning or creating something new, or even in life outside of work. She is also very good at recognizing a person's strengths and weaknesses, and then has the ability to use positive communication and feedback to help one challenge the view of their abilities and develop new strengths.


Megan was my first mentor professionally. She taught me a lot about business. Megan pushed me outside of my comfort zone in the best way possible. She taught me to take leaps of faith and to try new ventures all while providing invaluable information and support. I would not hesitate to reach out to Megan when I'm ready to transition to a new role, she would always be my first choice of a coaching resource when I am ready.


Megan Martin is a one-of-a-kind coach! Her excellent listening skills and ability to read between the lines to get to the root of the issue at hand is life changing! Every time I have a coaching session, I leave feeling uplifted and ready to take ACTION!


Megan is an amazing leader who truly finds passion in helping others succeed. Her way of looking at things is invaluable. She is able to guide you in the best direction and always finds that perfect balance of kindness and compassion and honesty and straightforwardness that let's you know in your heart that she is in your corner. She makes you believe in yourself and in your abilities.


When I made the decision to enter the job-seeking world, I was a bit overwhelmed and felt somewhat helpless. Once I saw Megan's profile and saw the skillset and professionalism she offered, it was an easy decision to have her assist me sharpen and update my resume and LinkedIn profile. The process was much easier than expected, as her communications with me were very prompt. Her progress on the project was very quick, making it stress-free for me. This made me feel like I was truly a valued client, and I appreciate that. I have no hesitations to recommend Megan for your project. You will not be disappointed.


I've had the great pleasure of working with Megan these past few weeks, and have come to appreciate her professionalism and insight. She takes the time to truly understand your goals and objectives, and sets out to create a very targeted and systematic game plan focused on optimizing career interests in the marketplace. We have already worked on re-branding my resume and fine tuning LinkedIn information for maximum search results. I look forward to next steps, and ultimately, with Megan's guidance, am certain to land that dream role!


I love having Megan as my career coach. She has been there for me from the beginning and has helped me focus on what really matters in my life. She listens when you talk and advises small changes that add up to big results. Megan is highly encouraging and I am thankful to have her counsel during this vital time in my profession.


I truly value the time I had with Megan as my mentor, and have yet to find anyone who can fill her shoes. She instinctively knew how to push me to achieve more and be better, but in a focused and purposeful way that made it seem completely manageable. Megan always has a plan, and the unwavering confidence needed to help you make it happen. She radiates what can only be described as a contagious positivity, and everyone around her is better for it.


It was a great pleasure to work with Megan. Her professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm made the entire experience a joy. Her recommendations were on point and she showed great concern with surpassing expectations. If you need any type of career service or advice, Megan is the person to choose.


I had the pleasure of working with Megan when I was looking to take the next step in my career and needed to refocus my Professional Image and tone toward leadership vs. an individual contributor perspective. She was a great consultant, who got across my core skills and competencies along with my personality and passion for leadership.

She was easy to work with, very quick with edits and response times, and met the time frames she set. If you are looking to take the next step in your career, time with Megan is time and investment well spent!


Megan is a pleasure to work with. Her communication was excellent, responses were quick and her insight made my resume stand out. She compiled my 30+ experience into something that a hiring manager would read. She made me feel like I was her only client and it showed in her work. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

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