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Executive Coach

Megan Martin, CEC, SHRM-CP, ODPC, CPCC

Hi! I’m Megan. And I know what it means firsthand, to contend and conquer the ever-changing demands of both one’s professional and personal worlds. From early in my Pharmacy career, I have thrived as a high achiever. One year after college graduation, I managed the successful start-up of a new pharmacy location, and shortly after having my two children, I transitioned into a clinical management position over all locations within the national chain. After 11 years with that organization, I transitioned to leading a team within a new department of a Fortune 25 Company, taking it from infancy to top ranking within one year.

After my Pharmacy career, I grew and provided leadership to a team of Sales Representatives as a National Marketing Director for a global nutraceutical company. Sixteen months after joining part-time as a sales representative myself, I recognized the potential to run with the opportunity and achieved the top level within the company, leading a team of 250+ sales professionals and providing one/one and small group personal development coaching and main stage (250-1000 attendees) training presentations.

For me, continued growth is a way of life. In my corporate days, taking a business, or a team, from the ground up or, better yet, underdog status, and rocking it all the way to the top in record time is absolutely my vibe.

But… what gets me even more excited today? It’s helping others do the same.

As an Executive Coach, it is all about authentic connection and providing value to me! By partnering my expertise in leadership development, team building, and communications improvement with my background in sales, leadership, and business operations, I provide massive value to my Executive Coaching clients.

I’m told I’m direct, but understanding, professional, but authentic. Clients share that my positive energy and encouraging communication always have them ready to step up and take action and that oftentimes my ability to listen, re-frame their situation, and help them shift their mindset changed the way they see situations and gives them the clarity to move forward.


Who are my clients?

My clients are executives ready to stretch themselves even further. As my client, you will be equipped to conquer obstacles and challenges that arise as a leader. Clients investing in the long-term future of their career are empowered to truly find happiness and fulfillment as they drive results for their companies and develop thriving teams. You will find a place where you can share confidently and feel empowered to proudly own your values and prioritize them as you lead your organizations.

My Clients Are Improving Their Leadership Skills

Executive leaders armed with the right techniques to manage pressure have a greater capacity to provide impactful leadership and improved leadership performance.

My Clients Are Creating Cultural Change

Executive leaders focused on transparent and authentic personal growth emulate the importance of having a growth mindset to their teams. They build cultures based on trust and a desire to grow together.

My Clients Are Exceeding Business Objectives

At the end of the day, it is about results! Personal growth is about pushing through roadblocks, identifying self-limiting beliefs or habits that aren’t serving you and your organization well, and finding new ways to analyze and solve problems. But what does all of this lead to? Results. KPIs being met, business objectives being achieved, bottom-line growth. Results.

What Are Clients Saying?

What Can We Work On Together?

Planning and Decision Making

Need help in making a tough decision or developing an idea you have or plans to achieve goals? In bringing an outside perspective to the table, along with effective planning and accountability tools, I will be your unbiased sounding board and brainstorming partner. Together, we will shift your ideas into successful actions.

Conflict Resolution

Want to improve your conflict resolution skills? We will work together to identify root causes of the conflict. Depending on your needs, I will conduct 360-degree interviews with your team and colleagues, work with you in proactive role play for critical conversations, and if needed, help in facilitating resolution meetings.

Leadership Skill Development

Hitting road blocks, but not sure why? You may have self-limiting beliefs or habits standing in your way. I will help you identify habits to break and/or habits to adopt that will improve your leadership skills. I will also help you to recognize potentially limiting perceptions then discussing ways to make positive mental shifts to get you into action.

Am I The Right Coach For You?

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Raising the Bar and Surpassing Expectations

What Clients Are Saying…

Megan is a pleasure to know and work with. I love her easy yet realistic style and approach. Meetings feel empowering, not forced or painful and she helps get results no matter where you are in your career journey. I would highly recommend her to anyone exploring options or who wants to move things forward.


I’ve been working with Megan for over 2 years and seeking her guidance as my Executive Coach is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Megan’s enabled me to connect and manage the interpersonal and strategic aspects in my job to successfully excel in my role and advance my career to meet my goals many times over. If you’re earnestly ready to develop yourself, make impacts to the effectiveness of your leadership, your impact and positioning within your organization,and experience the results personally and professionally - she should be your executive coach!


As an executive coach, Megan excels in helping to identify the root of organizational problems. Not only does she help you discover where the opportunities for improvement lie, she then has the tools to help you work through them successfully. From start to finish, if you are committed and ready to develop, she is right there with you! From my experience, I can tell you Megan is honest in her feedback, cares about guiding you through the process of achieving results, and both her expertise and personal leadership experience make her uniquely qualified to help you grow, drive change, and find a new level of success.


Megan is very proficient at helping others see what needs to be done and then working with them to develop a plan for how to get there, whether within a defined role, in transitioning or creating something new, or even in life outside of work. She is also very good at recognizing a person's strengths and weaknesses, and then has the ability to use positive communication and feedback to help one challenge the view of their abilities and develop new strengths.


Megan Martin is a one-of-a-kind coach! Her excellent listening skills and ability to read between the lines to get to the root of the issue at hand is life changing! Every time I have a coaching session, I leave feeling uplifted and ready to take ACTION!


Megan is an amazing coach who truly finds passion in helping others succeed. Her way of looking at things is invaluable. She is able to guide you in the best direction and always finds that perfect balance of kindness and compassion and honesty and straightforwardness that let's you know in your heart that she is in your corner. She makes you believe in yourself and in your abilities.


Time flies when you feel empowered, positive, and confident of the next steps to take as a leader. I am so grateful for my Coach Megan Martin who has enabled me to shape and implement a set of professional objectives that have materially improved my performance as a leader. Megan is a phenomenal listener who has helped me with fantastic tips of practical techniques and how to achieve them. She has been instrumental in helping me to "hold up a mirror" to myself to see myself as others do.

I have found the experience of being coached extremely positive, not only in helping me to identify, frame and clarify key personal development objectives but, currently to focus on the now rather than the ‘what if?’ and as a result, I have become far less reactive and much calmer, measured and considered, without sacrificing the need for pace and urgency.


Megan was unbelievably helpful. Her personalized approach and discovery method to guide the mentee in finding and clearly articulating their purpose, is remarkable. I highly enjoy collaborating with Megan and look forward to our continued partnership.


Megan is an extraordinary coach with the keen ability to get at the core of issues and help you identify and solve the problem professionally and successfully. Her honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses help you to grow not only professionally but personally. Her infectious drive to see you thrive and achieve your goals is truly amazing. Her ability to challenge you in such a positive way helps build confidence and strength that will last a life time.


Working with Megan was a fantastic experience. Her attention to detail and candid personality is exactly what I wanted. Megan has a true passion for her work, and she has some of the best interpersonal skills I have ever seen. I would not hesitate to recommend Megan to anyone.


Megan helped me understand my temperament and what I valued most. She provides me insight into the people I work with and reminds me of my values and shortcomings to keep me from falling back into being dissatisfied with my role/career. I have been so impressed by Megan’s ability to understand me and her level of professionalism. In an uncertain world, she helps provide clarity into what matters.