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Comprehensive Coaching Packages

Depending on your desired career goals, these personalized online
coaching sessions offer you the opportunity to truly conquer your career

Professional Branding Package


This package is right for you, if you…

  • Are in the job search/application process
  • Are not getting noticed
  • Are unsure of how to brand yourself

Job Acquisition Package


This package is right for you, if you…

  • Are just starting your job search 
  • Are unfamiliar with how it works today
  • Are stuck and frustrated with your efforts 

Career Transition Package


This package is right for you, if you…

  • Are no longer satisfied in your career
  • Are wanting to make a career pivot
  • Are unsure of what to do next

Get Noticed

Let’s chat and showcase your abilities to get noticed and get the job!

Professional Resume Edit


This package includes a thought provoking intake form, a 15 minute online meeting to review your intake form, current resume, and the editing process.  After the intake webinar you will be provided with unlimited offline edits until your resume is complete. Average completion time for your customized resume edits is 7-10 days.


Resume Edit


With this high touch package, appointment times are available on demand (during and after hours), you are personally interviewed on an online meeting to complete the intake process the same day of purchase. You receive a same day 1st version, and all follow up offline edits are prioritized until your resume is complete.


LinkedIn Optimization


This package includes a preliminary review of profile and offline assessment of your current social media activity, a 1 hour online meeting to discuss recommendations for optimization and training on leveraging the LinkedIn platform, followed by email support and feedback until profile is optimized.

Interview Preparation


This package includes a 30 minute initial consultation and introduction to preparation tools, offline interview preparation assistance for behavioral and situational questions, a 30 minute review webinar, followed by a 1 hour mock interview and feedback session.

Salary Negotiation


This package includes a 30 minute initial intake consultation webinar, offline negotiation preparation assistance with 2 preparation exercises, followed by a 30 minute negotiation preparation webinar and backend email support until  your negotiation meeting has occurred.

Meeting Your Needs

Options for meeting your personal and team-based coaching and training needs!

Custom Coaching Services

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Speaking Engagements

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